Welcome to iNerd ™

iNerd ™ is the internet services branch of our company. We provide solutions to all your internet needs, be it:

  •       - access to the world wide web through our business partners at Highway1
  •       - domain registration and maintenance
  •       - email or web hosting and management and
  •       - in-house website design and maintenance

Our dedicated staff can provide helpful advice and real time answers to all your internet questions. Furthermore, our internet prices are extremely competitive considering the one on one service we provide.

iNerd ™ is a proud Authorised Reseller of domain names in accordance with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Our customers who registrar domain names can view their rights and responsibilities at the ICANN website - select link below:

view registrant-rights-responsibilities

Broadband - ADSL+2, Naked ASL and VOIP

At iNerd ™ we can assess your specific internet needs and recommend a broadband plan best suited to your personal circumstances. We can complete all the necessary paperwork to get you on-line as quickly as possible, including registration with our broadband partner iinet.

We are also, now an Internode reseller. Internode delivers fiber to the home and office once NBN service is rolled out in your area.

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Domain Registration, Hosting and Maintenance

We can satisfy all your domain needs be it registration of a domain name or provide email and website hosting and maintenance packages. We cater to both large and small users from individuals and community groups through to major businesses with large online exposure.

Our dedicated servers will provide 24/7 FTP and Data Base access.

In-house Website Design and Maintenance

One of our specialised services is that we provide our clients with access to our in-house web designer, who can assist you with the development and design of individualised web presence for you, your club/community group or business.

      ...best of all, being a member of the Nerd staff, he speaks your language and will never speak tech-talk to you.

Our in-house designer can also assist you with services such as copywriting, marketing and publicity.

Internet Café

At the Nerd Shop, you can also access the internet through our in-store internet café. Access is via high speed broadband connection and is available:

Monday to Saturday - 8-00 AM - 7-00 PM
Sunday - 12-00 PM - 5-00 PM.