VeriSafe ™

VeriSafe ™ is our remote offsite backup service available to individuals and businesses.

Most of us living in the wired world, have our lives stored on our computers and laptops. Photographs of our loved ones, important financial records, essential data and information - such as your email contacts and business associates, our CV's and even our favourite music tracks and albums.

      How would you feel if all that information was lost forever?

      It does happen:

  •       - computers crash with surprising regularity,
  •       - virus and spyware programs delete or steal vital files,
  •       - computers and laptops are stolen and,
  •       - fire, storm damage and accidents do occur.


      The solution of course is backup but very few of us do it.

VeriSafe ™ is an easy and affordable way to obtain reliable backup for all your important information and files.